Watercolors by Vincent Takas

Copyright © Vincent Takas 1996-2014

About The Artist

The Artist Statement of

Vincent Takas

    I see things that I enjoy which men and women pass by daily. I paint these everyday images. Some of the  things that attract my attention are design, graphics, color, and value shifts, no matter if it is with a building, a person, or an interesting location.

   I enjoy finding emotions in simple things, such as a bicycle in a European village or a clothesline spanning between two buildings and then I attempt to paint a timeless quality into the painting so that the image could have been painted last week or early last century. I discovered that the use of complimentary colors can often add subtle brilliance to a work, popping out the occasional detailed areas in my images. The use of random staccato dry brush strokes in large open or negative spaces allows me to create details in my painting, which the viewer can visually explore, like a road map, in an almost ‘connect the dots’ approach of the work.


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